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Therapeutic Massage Services at All To Heal


Craniosacral Therapy - Uses light pressure to harmonize the natural rhythms of the central nervous system. This technique is used while you are fully clothed. 


Deep Tissue Massage - Uses firmer pressure and slower, more focused massage strokes to address tension and pain.

Prenatal - Ease into motherhood with prenatal massage therapy. Uses gentle pressure to promote blood circulation, encourage deeper breathing. Relieves low back discomfort and leg cramps

Swedish Massage / Energy Massage - Rejuvenate and relax, this therapeutic massage uses gentle to medium pressure to promote circulation to tissue fibers and encourages healthy lymph movement.


TMJ Massage - Gentle to deep jaw facial massage reduces tension, improves jaw movements, relieves headaches, jaw popping, and ear ringing. Increases neck muscle flexibility.


Triggerpoint / Acupressure - Integrates elements of Eastern and Western massage modalities inclucing Chinese acupressure, Chakras, and Reiki healing to align and balance energy flows.