About Chair Yoga Class

Class size is: 4 - 16 people

  • Great choice for people who are busy or don't enjoy going to the gym but who want to start a healthy life-style.
  • Perfect class for those people who are intimidated by mat yoga due to limited flexibility and prefer not to get up and down from the yoga mat.
  • Chair yoga is versatile and you can practice any where without any special equipment.
  • For example:
    • An office break-room, conference room, a classroom, or living room.

    • Sitting long hours in your office,taking breaks on long distant drives or waiting at the airport.

    • Recovering from an injury or surgery or mainly sedentary. 


Benefits of Chair Yoga:

  • Helps you to develop strength and flexibility
  • Releases stiffness and tension in the shoulders and neck
  • Improves breathing and posture
  • Enhances body mechanics and alignment
  • Increases range of motion and balance
  • Integrates body, mind, and spirit as a whole person


Private Lesson - $75/hour

Group Class minimum size is 4-6 participants so you receive individualized attention.

Walk-in: $18

Enjoy the benefit of regular yoga sessions and purchase a pass:

4 Classes - $68

6 Classes - $100

8 Classes - $130

10 Classes - $160